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Fall Festival

FALL FEST was a success!! 🍂🎃 We rented a bus to travel with 50 teens to the most gorgeous, remote land nestled into the mountains. And met a host of other teens, volunteers, and families there.

-Dinner and tons of yummy treats

-40 Foot Obstacle Course Bounce House

-Donut Game-hanging donuts by a string off the deck to eat without hands

-Straw Search-$40 in coins and prizes

-Pumpkin Carving

-Ice Cream Eating Contest

-Polaroid Pictures

-Bon Fire

Thank you to everyone who made an effort to come. We love this community. Thank you to our volunteers for running the games and caring for the teens in so many ways. Special thanks to @dchristensen29 @jenbaby4 for opening their hearts and home to us. We are soo deeply appreciative of their generosity.

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