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Emina Alibegovic

Advisory Board

Emina Alibegovic is an educational consultant with decades of experience as a teacher. She received her PhD in mathematics at the University of Utah. She returned to the U as the head of the mathematics
education group in the Mathematics Department after a postdctoral experience at the University of Michigan where her interest in teacher education was sparked. She helped develop the Math for America program at the U as well as Masters Program for mathematics teachers. After nearly ten years at the U, Emina decided to spend more time in the secondary classroom, and she took a position of mathematics teacher, later chair of the math department, at Rowland Hall. Currently, Emina is
collaborating on developing mathematics curricula, for both college and highschool and researching transformations of school experiences for high schools. As an adolescent Emina was a refugee who would not be where she is today had there not been adults who were willing to see past the labels and worked hard to ensure she had a bright future. During her years in the secondary schools, the impact of teachers and trusted adults who know, value, and believe in young people has been reinforced repeatedly. Emina is committed to working with the board to help young people in our community develop relationships which will help them grow and flourish.

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