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Become a common thread volunteer

Volunteer Protocols

Thank you for showing interest in supporting our teens here in Utah. There are many ways to show up as a Common Thread Volunteer: hosting an event, attending an event, supporting the behind-the-scenes efforts of planning and prepping activities, and providing materials or donations for activities.

As a Common Thread volunteer, it is important to know that you will be working with a vulnerable population, youth who have experienced various levels of adversity and trauma. Any basic understanding of trauma and ways to help teens who have experienced trauma will be beneficial in this field of service.

We will offer regular access to free trauma training.

Each event will have two or more staff members present.

All Common Thread staff will complete the following: 

1. Background Check

2. Sexual Harassment Training

3. Trauma Training

4. LGBTQ+ Awareness and Ally Training Workshop

All Volunteers will complete the following:

1. Background Check 

2. Sexual Harassment Training

*The other trainings will be available to you for free, if you want access.

**We will pay + provide access to background checks and training throughout the year, virtually and in person. If you have completed one or both of these requirements for outside occupations or services, submit documentation for board approval.


When Interacting with Teens, Our Volunteers:

  1. Commit to never being alone with a teen. They keep their hands to themselves and refrain from touching teens on the arm, hugging, etc., without consent.

  2. Keep promises. Please do not offer or promise individual items or experiences to teens, particularly things you are not guaranteed to follow up on. 

  3. Are aware of different needs- pronouns, mental health, learning, language, etc.

  4. Use positive language with teens. 

  5. Must have verified completion of sexual harassment training and a background check. 

For those who wish to volunteer with this community,

please fill out the "Volunteer Sign-Up" form. 

We will provide more event information and opportunities.

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