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Halle Walker

lived experience; Events

Meet Halle! Halle lives in Utah. She was adopted at the age of two by a white family with five older kids, in a neighborhood where she was the only Black child. "Things were different for me than those around me. I didn’t know how much my life would differ from other kids. Once I reached 3rd grade, the microaggressions started, but 3rd graders didn’t know what ‘microaggression’ was. From people touching my skin and hair without asking, to being called dirty because white = clean and black = dirty, I realized how different I was because everyone commented on it.

The first time I saw and talked with an adult Black woman, I was 12 years old. I never learned how to properly care for my hair. I was often pinned as the ‘mad Black girl,’ being told I was wrong about people’s intentions that had racist intentions. I needed a Black hero when I was younger. Today, I want to be the kind of hero for other Black kids I so desperately needed. Now I help Black kids feel beautiful in their own skin, educate them about their hair, and make sure they know they matter."

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