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Cadon Riley

Advisory Board

Cadon Riley is a lived experience foster care advocate, mental health advocate, and singer-songwriter. Cadon spent 4 years in and out of the  Utah foster care system. Throughout his time in care, he experienced a combination of residential facilities, group homes, and juvenile justice systems. After aging out of care, Cadon made it his goal to become a lived experience advocate to help others through similar backgrounds. Cadon is now the Community Outreach Coordinator for Angels Landing
Foundation, a nonprofit that provides support for young adults ages 18-26 who have aged out of the foster care system.


Cadon is from Saint George, Utah. Where he is currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in psychology from Utah Tech University, intending to obtain his Ph.D. in Clinical Neuropsychology. Cadon sits as the president of the Utah Youth Advisory Council for the Department of Child and Family Services, where he works with youth and young adults ages 14-23. Cadon’s continuous advocacy has landed him the opportunity to speak on Capitol Hill in Washington DC and become avCongressional Leadership Academy Delegate with the National Foster Youth Institute. Cadon’s extensivevinvolvement in local and national advocacy aims to improve and inform the child welfare system
through the power of lived experience.

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