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Celi Pelera

Mental Health Team

Celi has lived in Utah her whole life and currently resides in Weber County with her incredible husband JC and her two dogs Flash and King. She loves reading, traveling, trying new foods and connecting with people. Celi graduated from Weber State University with her B.S. in Social Science with a major in Psychology and a minor in Child Development. She also has a Certificate of Proficiency in Spanish to help broaden her interactions with individuals from various cultures. Celi has spent many hours working with children and getting a better understanding of what interactions and experiences will help them grow into the extraordinary individuals they are meant to be. 

Celi has volunteered in many places, one of those being Raise the Future; an organization where she has become a mentor and part of a team for youth in the foster care system. With her knowledge and experiences, she hopes that she can reach many people and contribute to the team at Common Thread so that it can continue growing as a place where youth can form safe connections that will help them as they navigate various experiences in their lives. 

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