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Heidi Kovacs

Executive assistant

​Heidi was born and raised in Utah with my 5 siblings, and is the Executive Secretary at Common Thread. She has always loved helping people how she can, but as she’s gotten older and branched out more, she’s realized the great need in many communities around her. In 2021 Heidi started volunteering at a health clinic in Murray that served those living in poverty, without health insurance as preparation for a humanitarian trip to Peru. After her time at the clinic and the humanitarian trip, Heidi made it a goal to give back to her community how she can.

Heidi is in her last year of college studying Psychology at the University of Utah. Through her study of psychology, she found a love for learning about trauma, and eventually discovered that learning about it and teaching others what she learns is her passion. After Heidi graduates’ college and take some time off school, her goal is to go back to get a Master’s degree in Psychology to become a trauma therapist for teens. She also wants to open a foundation similar to Common Thread wherever she decides to settle, that allows her to continue the great work done here.

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