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Rachel Garrett

Executive Director and Founder

Rachel Garrett has spent the last decade of her life working closely with Utah teens in various capacities. She is a licensed foster parent, certified Court Appointed Special Advocate -CASA-, received TBRI training, and is a former high school teacher and coach. Rachel has a masters degree in Psychology: Child and Adolescent Development. Her thesis focused on how trauma impacts brains and behaviors. She is passionate about incorporating the latest research into society and supporting generational healing and connection. Rachel is currently an associate program manager for Trauma Informed Utah, educating organizations and businesses around the state about trauma-informed practices. 

Rachel is a mother to two young children and a bonus mom to multiple teenagers. Striving to care and support these teens as they navigated extremely difficult realities with very little support is how Common Thread originated. She founded Common Thread in May of 2022, an organization and growing community centered on supporting local teens who have experienced adversity. 

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